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About LIFI

How Everything Has Begun

The birth of Lao Integrated Farms as an advocate of Organic Farming was when Mr. Benjamin Lao, the farm owner decided to till the unproductive 5-hectare land his father left for him. Back when he was a teenager, he had a horrible experience as he passed-out because chemical fertilizer inhalation. That then, he promised himself not to use chemical fertilizers on his own farm.

He was able to study and put into practice all his learning about natural farming and enhanced his knowledge by way of doing research. Not only did he use all existing resources in the farm as concoctions to various insecticides and pesticides, he was able to maximize his mean of income by selling natural waste materials which can be used as fertilizer (vermicompost). He was later appointed as Magsasaka Siyentista (Farmer Scientist) by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development under the Department of Science and Technology.

In 2008, Philippine Coconut Authority introduced Coconut Sugar manufacturing. Mr. Lao studied the product and developed new products out of it. He was doing business as Donnabelle Delicacies, selling various food products such as durian ice cream, durian candies, coconut sugar and coconut syrup. He continued to do research and development until he needed to expand the business because of the glut of demand.

He was later introduced to Atty. Rafael A. Morales, also the Managing Director of SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan Law Firm and changed Lao Integrated Farms, a single proprietor business into a corporation thus the business name, Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. Brand name was also changed to Donnabelle.

Atty. Morales and Mr. Lao are both multi-awarded individuals in their own fields. The former is a top ranked lawyer in the Asia Pacific region while the later, is a recipient of awards given by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Trade and Industry, Wageboard, Ernst & Young, among others.

  • Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. is an entrepreneurial, economizing, ecologically and socially responsible company guided by belief in God.
  • We envision to be the Philippine’s prime producer and exporter of organic coconut sap based products through sustainable organic farming practices, earning trust among our diverse clientele by the year 2020.
  • to maintain the trust of our clients by meticulous sourcing and utilization of raw materials;
  • To prioritize customer satisfaction by assuring them of safe, healthy and high quality products;
  • To maintain clean production processes;
  • To preserve the natural environment and indigenous culture; and,
  • To generate employment and income among the people of the province.
  • Health

    • By way of offering healthy products to our consumers and employees;
  • Community Involvement

    • Various feeding programs in cooperation with different local institutions; and,
    • Membership to Philippine Business for Social Progress.
  • Labor

    • No child labor is involved in all production phases;
    • Fair practice on salary policies to employees;
    • SSS + Philhealth + Pag-ibig; and,
    • Other government and company initiated benefits to employees.
  • Environment

    • By way of teaching all Filipino farmers natural and organic farming methods; and,
    • By way sponsorship to Greenin Philippines in partnership with Aboitiz Foundation and local institutions.
  • Raw Material Sourcing

    • Careful sourcing of organic/natural raw materials.
  • Profitability

    • Careful planning of business for sustainability; and,
    • Income generation even from waste materials (vermicomposting, etc).
  • Employment

    • A promise of income and employment generation for Filipinos; and,
    • Regularization of employees.
  • Culture of LOVING People

    • At LIFI, we believe that love towards God emanates love towards colleague and work and thus build teamwork.
  • Culture of CARING People

    • The topmost priority of LIFI is to care for its customers; to think of their satisfaction before, during and after all production processes. We also care for the environment that is why we practice and teach organic farming systems.
  • Culture of EXCELLENCE

    • We at LIFI, deliver what we promise. We aim for excellence and are KAIZEN practice-driven.
  • Advocacy to organic farming systems by way of producing and introducing whole foods in the daily diet of its customers and employees.
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